This may be however a frustrating process for a lay person who must deal with least two different state entities and therefore we’re rendering this service for your convenience.

The process is as follows:

  1. A clearance certificate (which give the details of your record and need to accompany your application) must be applied for by yourself or we can do it on your behalf. You can also apply for it to check if you’ve got a criminal record;
  2. We’ll forward documents by e-mail  to you which will enable us to complete your application to expunge;
  3. Once in possession of all the necessary documents, we lodge your application at the department of justice and constitutional development;
  4. Once your record(s) has been removed, it’s removed for ever and you’ve got no legal obligation to publish your past record to anybody.

Why instruct us:

  1. We’ve got the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience to finalize your application to expunge within a reasonable time limit;
  2. We'll take the responsibility of your application and you’re not exposed to the frustrations of an administrational process and bureaucracy;
  3. We will regularly follow up on the progress of your application with the different state departments.
  4. We specialize in  removing client's records online since 2009 and spend a lot of time and effort to provide clients with the best professional service ever.
  5. You'll have peace of mind dealing with us because you will be dealing with a qualified registered attorney in good standing with the Law Society of South-Africa.